Anti insect

Long-lasting textile
and skin spray

1. Shake and apply the necessary amount directly on surfaces to be disinfected with a sprayer. Alternatively use a cloth or sponge moistened with the product directly on the surfaces.

2. After application of the product it is advised to let it sit between 3 and 10 min. in order to enhance its action.

nanOh Skintex

Anti insect



  • Active substance (IR3535®)
  • Non-toxic ingredients with low transdermal absorption
  • Repels instead of killing insects
  • Safe to use for pregnant women and children over 6 months of age
  • Easy to apply on textiles and skin
  • The repellent used is biocompatible and classified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, USA) with the lowest degree of toxicity (grade IV) in all categories and proven to be harmless to mammals.




Spray for skin and indoor/outdoor textiles.

NanOh Skintex solution provides long-lasting insect repellent properties to textiles. Against mosquitoes, flying and crawling insects. The repellence effect on textile is maintained up to 1 month. Effective for up to 12 hours when applied on skin.

Application Process


Shake the NanOhSkintex Anti-insect Spray before use.
Apply NanOhSkintex spray at a distance of 15 cm of the textile surface or apply directly on exposed skin.
Avoid contact with eyes and irritated skin.

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