Anti insect

Long-lasting additive for surface
(Indoor & outdoor)

1. Homogenize the product before use. Add product slowly to water.
Ref: Mix 1 litre of product with 20 litres of water. 1litre of the mixture can treat an area of 20 m2.

2. Mix well or shake the bottle until omogeneous.

3. Spray generously over the surface with a standard sprayer or a pulverizer for larger surfaces.

nanOh Solve+




Long-lasting no-rinse disinfectant spray for surfaces


  • Active substance with an innovative insect repellent (IR3535®)
  • To be diluted in water and pulverized with a spray
  • Recommended by World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Repels instead of killing mosquitos or any flying or crawling insects
  • Biocompatible and classified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, USA) with the lowest degree of toxicity (grade IV) in all categories and proven to be harmless to mammals.



NanOh Solve+, diluted in water, to be applied to surfaces. Simple and effective solution which can be used on surfaces and walls.

The anti-insect NanOh Solve+, utilizing of silica particles, provides long-lasting insect repellence properties to paints or varnish against mosquitoes and flying or crawling insects.

Application Process


Dilute NanOh Solve+ Anti-insect before use.
Add slowly, 1 liter of NanOh Solve+ Anti-insect to 20 liters of water. Mix well until completely diluted.
Spray to humidify the surfaces evenly.
As reference, 1 liter of the mixture will treat ~19 m2.

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Virus & spores


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