Technology & Certifications

The technology behind
nanOh Tech

nanOh Tech’s products are based on the patented Sil2U®️ technology.

What is Sil2U®️?
Sil2U®️ technology acts as a transport platform that allows the functionalization of various materials. Our technology grants properties which enhance the durability of the active substances.

Using this breakthrough innovation as a starting point, nanOh Tech’s laboratory develops products with several characteristics which are then applied to different sectors and markets, considering the needs of each client.

The Sil2U®️ technology ensures long-lasting effect. For example, a table treated by our solution nanOh Surface remains sanitized up to one week.

We have a unique innovative system that fixes the resistant particles to the materials throughout the life of the product and its washing cycles.

In today’s competitive business environment, differentiation is key.
The Sil2U®️ technology ensures long-lasting effect.


Phase 1

Sil2U grants properties to several materials, through the use of particles

Phase 2

The particles will then work as a carrier for the active agents

Phase 3

Attaching them to the substrates


What sets nanOh Tech apart ?

Competitive advantages

long lasting effect

Reduce the use of chemicals

Cost saving

Eco sensitive