Textile treatment with long-lasting effect

nanOh Active



Functionalized textiles which provide a protective barrier against external aggression such as insects bites, virus and microbes.

Prevents and eliminates odor generated by the accumulation of bacteria and fungi.

Our textiles are coated with our technology to form an invisible shield on the textile fiber.

Fabric functionalized by nanOh Tech’s solutions is effective up to 90 washes.



 Versatile solution that can be adapted to any usage:

  • Work clothes
  • Uniforms
  • Medical gown
  • Sport and Outdoor clothes
  • Socks
  • Soles
  • Towels
  • Pillows & Bedsheets
  • Mosquito repellent curtains
  • Curtains mosquito-proof

Application Process

Our textiles are functionalized in our factory and are ready to wear. Through the use of unique Sil2U® technology, active ingredients are stabilized in the formulation to remain active on the textile for an extended period.

Our solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements

A wide range of applications

Our solutions are infinitely customisable

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